ABIM - An Annotated Bibliography of Indian Medicine

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* functions as a subsitute for a character sequence. For example: al* searches for alien, allergy, allopathic, etc.

? is a substitute for one character. For example: b?ll searches for ball, bell, bill, etc.

Diacritical marks

The bibliography displays all diacritical marks in TEX. In TEX pañca, for example, is written as pa\~nca.

However, you don't have to type in these marks in order to find them: if you type in panca, you will find all items containing either panca or pa\~nca. Moreover, the author has in many cases added keywords or a short description of the contents between [  ]. So by typing in panca you will also find items like this one:

Schäffler, H. (1992) - Royal regeneration - Die Pancha Karma Kuren des Maharishi Ayur-Veda, Magazin für fernöstliche Lebenskunst 3, 20-23. [on pañcakarman]

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